Pet Services – North

Potty Break: 15 minutes – $17.00 ($24.00 night)
Quick Check: 20 minutes – $22.00 ($26.00 night)
Regular Visit: 30 minutes* – $25.00 ($30.00 night)
Best Value Visit: 1 hour – $38.00
Dog Park Adventure – $35.00
After 7:00pm a 1 hour visit is $55.00 plus gst
Extra dog (same household) – $10.00

There is no need to bring your pet to an unfamiliar kennel or impose on a friend or relative. Pets are happier and experience less stress at home. As well, your pet’s diet and exercise routines are less interrupted and exposure to illness minimized. As an added bonus, you can go on holidays knowing your house is safe and secure and being monitored at no extra charge. 

Service calls of 15 or 30 minutes are most commonly used for our feline friends. GST not included. 

*As part of a 3 visit per day Pet Sit night regular visit is only $25.00

Pet Services – South

We offer services for potty breaks, half-hour regular visits or Dog Park Adventure walks south of the bridge based on availability.

Potty Break – $19.00
Regular Visit – $27.00 (31.00 night)
Quick Check – $25.00
Dog Park Adventures – $35.00
After 7:00pm a 1 hour visit is $55.00 plus gst
Extra dog (same household) – $10.00

Adventures in the Dog Park

Your dog must be up to date on all shots, neutered/spayed and social with other dogs. We will whisk your dog away to one of the 3 dog parks for fresh air, sunshine and playtime. We will RETURN approximately 2 hours later and leave your dog at home with fresh water, a treat and ready to sleep dreaming of their adventures. 

All times at the parks are not less than 1 hour except in extreme weather cases or safety issues at the park.

I have been using Ann’s Pet Services and have to say that I am more than pleased with it! We had to stop using our regular girl who was amazing because we moved and we met with Ann and Katie for a meet and greet, right off the bat they were both so friendly and professional. It didn’t take long at all for our pups to warm up to them. I could tell by the reports I was getting that they were familiar with dog behaviours and made me feel very comforted knowing our pups were in good hands. We always get picture updates and detailed reports on how they are doing. They certainly go above and beyond with their service and I would recommend Ann’s Pet Services to anyone. Thank you Ann and Katie!
Amythyst James

via Fort McMurray Pet Owners Network

Additional Information

  • Service calls for empty homes to satisfy insurance policy requirements use the potty break price format. Most policies require every 4 days and every 3 in the winter season.
  • Holiday premium is $20.00 flat rate per address served thank you.
  • Fuel surchages for bringing a Pet Care Specialist across the bridge in either visit is $5.00 plus gst per visit. Effective Nov 2018.
  • Spaces are limited for Adventures in the Dog Park $35.00 per dog( Second dog per home/owner is ONLY $10.00).


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